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Normal, Healthy Eardrum


Damaged, Perforated Eardrum

  • What is earwax?
    The protective yellow waxy substance secreted in the passage of the outer ear.Also called cerumen.
  • What is earwax blockage?
    Earwax can build up in your ear canal and cause a blockage. Earwax blockages happens when your ear makes earwax faster than your body can remove it.
  • What are the signs and symptoms of earwax blockage?
    Trouble hearing Earache Ear fullness or a feeling that something is plugging up your ear Itching or ringing in your ear Dizziness
  • What are the benefits of professional ear cleaning?
    Proper cleaning — You’ll get a proper clean that won’t damage your hearing. Impacted earwax — Impacted earwax can cause minor and major symptoms. Protecting your ears — If you want to protect the inner structure of the ear, you need to speak to a hearing health professional first.
  • Does getting my ears washed hurt?
    Some find this procedure quite soothing; others describe it as an odd feeling; however, you should not feel any discomfort.
  • When should I call my doctor?
    You have discharge or blood coming out your ear. Your ear pain does not go away or gets worse. You have a fever. You have trouble hearing or hear ringing noises.
  • What are your COVID-19 restrictions?
    We are still able to carry out appointments. Our staff takes precationary measures to provide the best safety we can for our clients and staff. We are an essential service, and will continue to provide ear wax removal in the comfort of your home or facility.
  • What is a Mobile Earwax service?
    A mobile earwax service is when our employees come to your home or facility to do your earwax removal. See quesition "How long does the session take?" for more information.
  • What should I expect after my earwax removal?
    It is normal to experience retained ear wash solution to drip out of your ears the day of your ear wax removal. This should resolve within 24 hours. If you wear hearing aids, DO NOT!! put them back in your ears for at least 24 hours as this can cause damage to the hearing aids.***GEN-EAR' Ear Wax Removal, LLC is not responsible for clients damaged hearing aids and will not replace them. Do not place cotton swabs or anything inside your ear canals. This increases the risk of damaging your eardrums. Contact your healthcare provider if: You have a fever. You have trouble hearing or ringing in your ear. You have questions about your condition or care. You may experience some dizziness and lightheadedness after your ear wax removal. If it persists; contact your healthcare provider
  • How long does the session take?
    Appointment time for earwax removal varies between 20-30 minutes, and there is no recovery time necessary as the procedure is extremely straightforward and non-invasive. Regular follow-ups are optional after your appointment if you wish to keep an eye on wax build-up. A recommended time for rebooking is 3 months.
  • What is the cost of the session?
    You can view our prices by going to our "Book Now" page.
  • Is there a Veteran's Discount?
    Yes, we offer a 10% discount for veterans.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    You can book an appointment HERE. Once there, follow the steps to book an appointment.

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